Monitor instance usage on n8n cloud


I’m not sure how to exactlty formulate this request, but my situation is as below:

On n8n cloud, I have on weekly basis (sometimes daily basis) workflows that crashes because of “out of memory” errors. Most of the time, I have to split my batch in smaller items and reload the workflow, and after a couple of tries, it works.

But I would be glad to have an indication for each workflow of the consumption of vCPU / vRAM (or equivalent metrics), or some alerts when a workflow reaches 80% / 90% or the ressources, in order to proactively detect when a workflow becomes overloaded and need to be split in smaller items before it crashes at the next execution.

Something similar to the monitoring of the ressources that we have on IaaS, but transposed to alerts built in n8n as we use the cloud version and obviously do not have access to the underlying IaaS.

Yes! Agree, this would be very handy.