Monitor Workers - Docker Deployment


Is it possible to monitor connected n8n workers with useful statistics? I couldn’t find anything about that on database, Redis or REST services of n8n main. If it is not possible, I have some feature suggestions below.

It would be great to monitor n8n workers with these useful statistics:

1 - Connected workers with their status (idle, busy, missing etc.)
2 - On executions page, able to see worker of executions
3 - CPU and memory utilization of workers
4 - Alerts when workers are unhealthy situations

Although 3 and 4 might be provided by external docker monitoring tools, it is a good option to have these features built-in.

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Hey @samaritan,

They don’t sound unreasonable although potentially not quick changes so they could take a while to implement. For now the best option would be to use what docker already provides, I have made this a feature request so we can monitor how popular these ideas are.

I think adding the /metrics endpoing to the workers like we did for /healthz would solve your third request and in theory depending on the monitoring tool alerts as well.