Moving from hosted to cloud


I’m just getting started with n8n - quick question before I do. If I build a workflow on my own hosted n8n and then I want to transfer it to someone else who is using the cloud version, is this simple?


Welcome to the community @DrNinjamonkey!

There is currently no automated process for that in place. So that would have to be done manually. So to move your workflows you would have to do the following:

  1. Move credentials: Create all the credentials you use again on cloud with the same name
  2. Move workflows: Go in each workflow you have, select all nodes, copy them and paste them in a new workflow on cloud and save.

So the amount of work depends largely on how many credentials and workflows you have. So for a reasonable amount of workflows it should not take longer than 3-30 min to move them.

Hope that is helpful!


Very helpful - thanks! Looking forward to learning more about n8n!

Glad to hear! Have fun!

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