MQTT Add SSL/TLS support

Hi dear n8n community o/ ,

Two months ago, I maken this PR to add SSL/TLS support in MQTT node.

What do you think about it ?

Best, Frédéric

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, I saw that, tried to test it, and could not, then got sidetracked. I’m not sure how to test the functionality you added. Can you help me out with that?

Sure, of course ! :+1:

If you want, I can deploy a Mqtt server on a public cloud instance and make a little tuto to use it with n8n with TLS.
you could make your tests with it.

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That would be perfect.

I’d be glad to help setup a test MQTT Topic for this as well. This is something that our team could benefit from.

Ah this is great to see - thank you we’ve been after this!

Welcome to the community @joshuarose @rjwink

If you can provide a test instance that uses SSL/TLS would be awesome. That way, I can move forward with the testing.

Just wanted to check in here, @joshuarose @rjwink — would you be able to provide a test instance?

@joshuarose any update on this?

We upgraded to 0.151.0 and MQTT over SSL works great! We store our x509 certificate as a credential. No need to setup a test instance as it seems that n8n supports this now.