MQTT Publishing Node [GOT CREATED]

There is a MQTT trigger node, but not one to publish MQTT messages. It’s a very handy thing to be able to publish new messages based on existing ones.


  • You have a switch that sends an mqtt message and based on that you want to switch something else that also listens to MQTT but you can’t configure one side to point to the other directly, so using n8n as a translator of sorts.
  • You want to trigger multiple things at once from one signal, my direct example here would be a “lights out” button that then would send each individual light a message that it needs to be able to turn off.

@ChristianRiesen got created. We will let you know when is realized.


Thank you very much @RicardoE105 I will gladly test it the moment you release it.

Got released with [email protected]