MQTT to Spreadsheet

Need some advice to see if n8n will do a very basic config. I have an rfid reader output via MQTT and I want to in real time, enter tag data direct into a LibreCalc type spreadsheet. Thats it. Do not want any complicated method. Just basic setup. Low read rate max 20 per minute. Each sensor to its own column in spreadsheet.

80 yo

Hey Charlie,

Welcome to the community! Can you tell us a bit more about this application? It sounds interesting!

While I don’t have a complete answer to your question, maybe this will get you started:

  1. We have an MQTT node that
  2. We don’t have a node specificaly for Open Office or Libre Office, but we CAN output to CSV files or Google Sheets. Would this work for your use case too? Note that with 20 requests/minute you’re likely to run into some rate limits on hosted services like Google Sheets, so that’s something to take into account.