Any plan in supporting MSSQL/ Azure SQL Node?

Hey @tony. We just added it to the backlog. We will let you know when is ready.


This is the only thing that is preventing me leveraging n8n - I would hope that this is a fairly quick implementation.

Welcome to the community @spireitepaul!

Yes, you are right. It is probably not the most complicated thing to implement but that is sadly true for many things and all combined are a lot for a very small team like ours. For that reason does it sadly take sometimes a little bit till we can get around to implement a new feature. But pull requests from the community are always welcome. Creating 100 integrations for 1 person is a lot but 100 integrations for 100 people are not.

If you are interested in this feature please also upvote it, that we can easily see how much interest there is and that we can prioritize accordingly. Thanks!

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Just a side thought…

Has any consideration been given to configuring the core system with ODBC support? This way, you could have a single database node which would have the ability to then connect to any ODBC compliant system as long as the drivers were installed.

There is a ODBC npm package already available (see and a great Microsoft tutorial on getting it set up on Linux (

Like I said, it’s just a thought (and for all I know it could be a bad one :smile:).

Thank you very much @Tephlon!

Have honestly not the slightest idea about ODBC, how it works and what the implications would be. Will check it out to see if it would be a good match here.

This is the key to allowing me to make full use of this application - really looking forward to a MS SQL node.

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The Microsoft SQL-Node just got released with [email protected]


Actually please use [email protected] as there was a small issue about what data the node did output.

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