Multiple Condition in IF statement


I am not sure what i am trying is possible or am i doing it correct, what i am trying to achieve is, we are trying to do a word/string based matching in IF node.

The IF node will have multiple conditions, for eg : Let’s say " Welcome to the world of programming" is the string now in the IF node we say match “Welcome,World,Programming” if all these three values present , mark it as TRUE else FALSE.

Now in same case let’s say the string is “Welcome to the World of gaming”, now in this scenario the IF node will mark it as FALSE since the match doesn’t find the word “Programming” .

Now the real questions is, can we give AND/OR operator in the IF node ?

Eg: IF node should start matching “Welcome,World,Programming/gaming” the condition has to be true.

I am not sure if i have clearly explained my requirement, but feel free to revert with questions.

Hey @Sathya_Narayanan,

At the bottom of the If node there is a combine option, You can set this to All if you want to go to the true branch if all the conditions are met or Any if you want any condition matches.

For what you are after you could have 3 contains conditions which would do the job, The example workflow below should do what you are after.

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