Multiple credentials on single HTTP Request node

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The HTTP request node doesn’t show if multiple credentials are associated with it. If you copy the JSON of the HTTP request, you’ll see that the credentials property has multiple objects for separate Auth configs.

"credentials": {
        "httpBasicAuth": {
          "id": "9",
          "name": "Basic Auth"
        "httpHeaderAuth": {
          "id": "12",
          "name": "API Token"

Only the last property is shown, however, both are applied to the HTTP request.

What is the error message (if any)?

Some credentials may conflict with each other, for example an authorization header and an API token header.

Please share the workflow

Hi @John_Chen, can you confirm in which cases you have encountered a conflict? From looking at the JSON data you have shared the credential to use should be specified in the parameters key:

        "parameters": {
            "authentication": "genericCredentialType",
            "genericAuthType": "httpHeaderAuth",
            "requestMethod": "POST",
            "url": "=",
            "jsonParameters": true,
            "options": {},
            "bodyParametersJson": "={}"

So, while there are indeed two sets of credentials stored with the node, "genericAuthType": "httpHeaderAuth" should specify which one to use.

My use case is with a 3rd party API that allows you to auth either using a Token header or with Basic Auth.
Here’s a more reproducible example:

This example sends a request to a endpoint and in the headers you can see both headers present, specifically authorization and php-auth-user + php-auth-pw:

connection	close
authorization	Basic dGVzdDoxMjM=
content-length	2
user-agent	axios/0.21.4
content-type	application/json
test	123
accept	application/json,text/*;q=0.99
php-auth-user	test
php-auth-pw	123
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Thanks so much for confirming these details @John_Chen! I shall add this to our internal bug tracker and we will confirm once this has been fixed.

The issue got fixed and will be released with the next version later today. Thanks a lot for reporting!

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Got released with [email protected]

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