Multiple Gitlab triggers per workflow


Is it possible to have multiple Gitlab triggers in a single workflow? I obviously tried and I’m getting this error message:

There was a problem and the workflow could not be activated:
The webhook path [aa685e51-25af-4866-85a0-d9994d330f33/webhook] and method [POST] already exist.

I have several projects that I would like to collect push events from, and they all have the same flow. It would be nice to be able to gather all of them in a single workflow.

If that is not possible, what is an appropriate workaround? Many small trigger workflows that all execute the main workflow?

Ah yes, that is possible. I guess you copied the node and that is why you get this error. Try to delete one of them and then recreate them via the right node-create menu. It should then work fine.

Is a bug that I just realized we have.


Yes, that fixed it. Thanks!

With the just-released [email protected] it will now automatically change the URL if the node gets duplicated.

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