Multiple json received via webhook

I have received multiple json input in body format, when I use append google sheet it creates only 1 record with first json output , how to manage this am I doing anything wrong here

For me, it’s looks like it’s one n8n object with multiply subobjects

If I am right, I would use function note to manipulate it correctly, but I am pretty sure it’s a easier way to do this
Do you mind to show more content or workflow? I could try to figure it out

So as @Shirobachi said, you could use it through custom code in the Function node. If you simply want to have individual items (which you can then append to a Google Sheet), you could also use the Item Lists node and tell it to split the body field from your screenshot.

If your data is coming from an HTTP Request node, you could also consider the Split Into Items option:


I want to append all the records but its not writing

Did you manage to split your records into individual n8n items?