Multiple wait modules

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to build a workflow on my desktop app before installing n8n on the server.
I’m at the first experience with this tool that sounds very powerful so I’m sorry if the question seems stupid.
I’m trying to wait in the meantime 3 webhook requests before proceeding but I’ve noticed that only one module at time is waiting. How can I start all the 3 modules at the same time?
The idea behind is to wait approval from 3 people before proceeding with the flow.
Thanks for your support!

Hi @riccardo

Welcome to the community!

This will not work indeed.
So you will need to do it a different way.
For example have 1 workflow with a webhook retrieving approvals. And some logic to set who approved.
And you will probably want a tool like airtable or baserow to keep track of those approvals.
After that you have a workflow checking approvals and continueing after all approvals were done.

Hope that makes sense.


Thanks I will try following your suggestions