My n8n server setup is not working well

I have installed n8n by following the docs guide but it’s failed to complete because my 443 port is already reserved by another website. I tried to change https port to 13002 and make a redirect to 443 using apache configuration.

The result is n8n is working only on port 13002 and he give me 404 error when i use https protocol.

What should i do?

Hey @Abdo_Saeed!

You will have to redirect the request from 443 to 13002. I have not used Apace for reverse proxy so I don’t have enough knowledge, about it. Have you set up a subdomain for n8n? Are you trying to redirect to that domain?

Hi @Abdo_Saeed

Please share your Apache Virtual Host Configuration.

Make sure to hide your domain name for privacy reasons.