MySQL DB Node Username & Password Encryption


I want to use an encrypted username and password for MySQL node instead of plain text.

can somebody help here.

Hey @Sajid_Md, could you elaborate on what exactly you need and what error you might be seeing?

If you simply need to send your credentials via an SSL-encrypted connection, you can flip on this toggle on your credentials screen:

Hello, @MutedJam Thanks for your replay.

Actually, I want my DB username and Password in encrypted format instead of plain text.

Want to convert my plain DB Username & Password to some encrypted format and pass this to MySQL DB node credential block.

Hey @Sajid_Md,

Where are you storing the credentials? n8n will automatically encrypt credentials that it stores and use those to authenticate with the node. It will of course decrypt the credentials to actually authenticate but I don’t thing mysql has an option to pass encrypted credentials for authentication which is where the SSL connection would come in to ensure they are encrypted in transit.

Are you maybe referring to the credentials used to run n8n itself using MySQL?

Hello @jon,

Am referring to the credentials used to connect MySQL from N8N MySQL node.

This is to make sure the sensitive info shouldn’t expose outside if someone opens my workflow to view the credentials.

Otherwise, if we have any mechanism like storing credentials somewhere in N8N and N8N should give us encrypted values that can be used in the N8N nodes while passing the authentication.

Hey @Sajid_Md,

That makes sense and I am not sure why we decrypt them so they can be seen in the UI like that anyway. The other side of this is that the only people that could see these credentials are ones that you have given your n8n credentials to already.

I will take a look and see if we have an internal feature request opened to keep these hidden from the UI.

Thanks, @jon.

Also if we have a feature like password lock protection for the workflow of their own.
This is because we have common credentials for N8N anyone can open any workflow and do the modification without notifying its owner.

Hey @Sajid_Md,

I think part of the new user management feature for the future is to allow shared credentials which may offer a read only option or no ability to view credentials but be able to use them.

Ok, Thank you @jon for your timely response.

I will be waiting for your response to the below.

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