Add an integration to MySQL along with triggers for table inserts, updates, and deletes.

A MySQL-Node got created by ericHao22 and got released with [email protected]

What does not exist yet is a Trigger-Node.

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Would it be possible to also add REPLACE INTO trigger?

Sorry do not understand how you imagine it to work. Can you please explain @Benjamin_Kassentoft. It is supposed to trigger a workflow every time a REPLACE INTO query runs?

@jan The way I imagine it would work is just like the MySQL node has Insert option, Update option and Execute Option, I would like to have a Replace Into option as well.
You whould then select the table, and columns and from where the values should come from. just like you do for the insert option.

REPLACE [INTO] table_name(column_list)

The only difference really is that this function combines the insert/update.

Hope this clears it up a bit?

Yes, thanks a lot! Then it makes sense now.