MYSQL issues after upgrade from 0.178.2

Describe the issue/error/question

After upgrade from 0.178.2 to both 0.199 or 0.200.1 our MYSQL node seems to have stopped working. While running in a workflow or plugging in a simple query into a single node, it seems to either freeze leading to a Chrome error 5 or no data is returned. It is quite inconsistent in the way that it errors.

When this is ran via PhpMyAdmin it returns successfully and is roughly about 20kb of data.

Please share the workflow

Our Database is : 10.5.17-MariaDB - MariaDB Server
Running N8N in a Docker Container on Plesk
The execution process is on Main.

Any help would be gratefully recieved



Hey @rm_dev,

Can you share the data you would be expecting to see from the query so that I can set up a test database here?


Thanks for the speedy response. Unfortunately I cannot give the real data as it is sensitive, but I think I may have another lead on what the problem could be. The problematic data is in a column called json, which holds a JSON objects such as

“Task”: “Test Task data”,
“hours”: 0.5,
“task_list”: “task list id”,
“owner”: “jim smith”,
“date”: “10-18-2022 11:01:30 AM”,
“billable”: “Billable”,
“rate”: “0”,
“retainerHours”: “0”

When this is accessed via the node it actually comes out in table view like this :

While there isn’t a huge amount of data being retrieved in the actual workflow (31 of the JSON entries similar to the one above), it is still being split and put into the table view with individual characters. Could this be causing the node to fail? Chrome reports an error 5 in these instances which I think is a memory leak issue.

Thanks again!

Hey @rm_dev,

Depending on the amount of data it could be causing Chrome to use more memory to display the data. I don’t remember seeing any changes to the MySQL node that could cause this though so it could be something introduced with another change.

If you do a query and don’t select the json field does it work?


If I do an individual SELECT of the individual fields it all works fine (including another field of JSON). It seems for some reason it doesn’t like this particular field. It seems that this set (the one above) seems to split the contents into the individual sections.

Weirdly the JSON view looks ok :