MySQL query

Hi there! Is there a way I could do MANUAL query and send my json data on my database? since I am not planning to use the “MySQL Node” :slight_smile: Any information would be of great help! Thanks!

Sorry but do not understand. You want to save data into a MySQL database but you do not want to use the MySQL node to do that? And the question is how?

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yes exactly :slight_smile:

Then I am now totally confused. Why?

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Actually, just purely out of curiosity :smiley:

also to ask, the server where I installed my n8n must be with the same server where I have my database? for it to successfuly connect? or not really?

Honestly do not know how communication with a MySQL server works. For something like Elasticsearch, the HTTP Request can be used as that is how it communicates anyway. The only other way I can think of is to use a Function-Node and in it require the MySQL module n8n uses and connect like this. Would however for sure not say that is recommended in any way.

The database can be wherever you want. You just have to make sure it is reachable and be aware that it is obviously slower than if it would be on the same server.


Big thanks! :smiley:

Sure, happy to help. Have fun!

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