MySQL syntax error please update version?

Hi, everyone. Please help me out with this. I’m trying to setup n8n in a VM and it works fine if I use the default sql lite but when I try to setup with this MySQL db that I have the container doesnt start. I always get this message: “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘json NOT NULL, createdAt datetime NOT NULL, updateAt datetime NOT NULL, IN D’ at line 1”

I think I should update the db? If so then which version would be best?

Welcome to the community @JVFeijo!

I tested with the latest version which was 8. So that one should work.

Hi, @jan. Thanks for the reply. I wonder what is the lowest mysql version n8n supports. Would you have that info? I only ask because the service which provides my db might not have the lastest version.

Sadly not. n8n uses under the hood TypeORM and with it the module mysql2. I would expect that it also supports older versions of MySQL and not just 8. I could however not find that information in my short search. So I would simply try to use the latest version your provider offers and see if it works.

I for example just tested it with version 5.7 for you and for me it worked perfectly fine.

Do they only support MySQL or also Postgres?

Hi, Jan. Sorry the delay. I changed my database provider and got a MySQL 8.0 but now whenever I try to startup my docker container I get this error:

There was an error: Connections using insecure transport are prohibited while --require_secure_transport=ON.

I have tried to put “useSSL=true” in the host address variable but then I get another error saying the app couldnt get de ADDRINFO. Like the address is wrong. Do you have any idea what I should do?