N8n API Create workflow does not accept workflow with "always return data property"


I am trying to import some workflows.
It seems that I get stuck on some of them where the properties that are allowed do not match the properties of the nodes. I found this example:

Issue found?:

This marked property is not in the spec, so that’s why it is giving an error I guess.

Am I correct? can this be fixed? or is there a work around?

Hi @BramKnuever, thank you very much for reporting this and sorry for the trouble.

I was able to reproduce this but unfortunately don’t have any solution right now (apart from using the CLI instead of the API). I have added this to our internal bug tracker and we’ll keep you posted on the fix.

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Just a quick update, @RicardoE105 raised a PR fixing the problem:

It’s not merged yet, but we’ll let you know once this will be rolled out!

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Got released with [email protected]


This fixed it. Everything was imported now. Thanks!

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