N8n API not working anymore

Hi everyone,

I just updated my self-hosted n8n, and one of my workflows doesn’t work anymore. It’s mainly based on this workflow: https://n8n.io/workflows/817

I use it to save my workflows on github. The problem is, the “API call” to n8n to get the workflows doesn’t work anymore (a GET request to https://myn8nURL/rest/workflows). It’s strange because when I go to that URL with just my web browser, it works and show me a JSON of all my workflows.

Do you know what could be the trouble? The error I get is: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

Have a good day!

Did you check the breaking change page? Maybe one if the nodes the workflow uses changed.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your answer. I do not think it’s a node problem since I’m using the HTTP Request node to call n8n, and I think this node haven’t been upgraded for a while.

What other nodes does the workflow use? what version were you running before? To what version did you update?

I looked into it and I think the problem is not linked to n8n but to our servers. Sorry for the trouble.