N8n App data

Hi there,

can you please tell me where the n8n App stores the data?

Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick

Hi @dickhoning ,

on windows 10:
The database: .\database.sqlite
The environments: .\n8n-desktop.env
Key: .\config (file)

App self:
npm data:
C:\Users\Alexander Hentzsch\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\resources\app

But I have never tested extending the desktop app with custom nodes or external packages.


Hey @dickhoning, what @BillAlex said. On Linux and Mac the data folder would be ~/.n8n respectively.

Just wanted to add that you could configure the location using an environment variable: Configuration | Docs (n8n.io)

Hi Tom,

thanks for the tip on configuring the location using an environmental variable. Does this also work with n8n.cloud and the n8n App? And if so, how?

Thanks again and best regards - Dick

Hi @dickhoning, on n8n.cloud you wouldn’t be able (or need to) configure the location as the environment is pre-configured by n8n.

As for the app I assume you mean the desktop app? You should be able to set all environment variables in the n8n-desktop.env file in the .n8n folder of your home directory. I quickly tested this by setting N8N_USER_FOLDER=C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\n8n_user_folder in this file and now my config and database live under C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\n8n_user_folder as expected.