N8n Architecture

Hi there, Hope you all are doing very well.
I have a few questions:

  1. How a workflow run from start to end? Is it based on some schedule? or is it converts nodes to a series of codes are run that code?

  2. What happened when in the middle of a running workflow something bad happened? For example server stops for a few seconds. Does the running workflow continue running from where it stopped?

Thank you in advance.

  1. It runs from “Code/Node” to “Code/Node” till it has reached the end of the workflow
  2. It will await the next trigger and the workflow will be marked “Error”
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Thanks @Damian_K for your answer.

My next question is:

Is there any way (programmatically) to run workflow from middle of it? (Not from the start)

@jellybean I guess what you are referring to is, mostly, this functionality, that’s currently WIP:

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Yeah you can, Simply add a trigger in the middle

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Thanks man

Good Idea, I hadn’t thought about this!