N8N arm64 container not found

Hello, ouroboros updated automaticaly my n8n container to latest, and then died, upon firther inspection I noticed in there is no build for that arch yet.

I’ve seen older tags with that arch…will latest get updated any time soon?

Sadly were there problems with the arm build after upgrading the image to use Node.js v16. Is already assigned to a developer and we hope we can fix that soon. For now, it is best to stay with version 0.165.1 until that is resolved. Helps is obviously always welcome. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll use that.
A quick github search for arm64 did not show any open issues, is there a link were I can keep updated about this particuar issue?


There is currently nothing on GitHub. This issue here in the forum would be best for that.

Got fixed. If you pull the latest image it should now work fine.

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