N8N as Telegram user / device


Newbie here, is it possible for N8N to act as a Telegram user / device ?
So that it can read private groups.

Maybe N8N can be authenticated for that ?

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If I got you right, this is called Telegram userbot. It’s quite tedious to setup thanks to the custom Telegram MTProto API.

There is a gram-js library which is a Telethon wrapper.
Also, there is a community node Telepilot. But it seems to be abandoned :frowning:

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Good morning,

Thank you for the reply, this was what I’m looking for.
The gran,js seems to be still under development.

Do you have an idea or an example on how to incorporate this in N8N ?

Thanks :metal:

Sorry, never tried this.

From what I read there is a rather hacky way of getting Telegram credentials for the userbot account. Plus, it’s a non-supported feature. A lot of spam bot work like userbots and constantly catch bans.

So far, I only relied on the Telegram Bot API functionality.

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