[N8N & BASEROW] Excessive Processing Delay in my n8n HR Data Insertion Process in Baserow

For linking two containers of n8n and baserow, we touched the network in the docker-compose file and test by pinging component namespace network, it passes. But we still can’t configure the host of the baserow node in the configs by local IP or by namespace (credentials).

What other parameters need to be tested in the server and in docker, please?
Network flows are already open to everything.

Hey @Micka_Rakotomalala,

If you can’t configure the host to use an ip I would start with checking the docker network modes but this is really outside of the n8n application and our scope of support. As it isn’t working it would suggest that there is a network setting not correct somewhere or you don’t have baserow configured to allow connections from the IP, I would check the Baserow documentation as I believe there is an option for that.