N8n cloud file storage


I have a workflow I would like to share with a friend, but they would be better off with n8n cloud rather than self hostings. The workflow I have requires a pem certificate file be loaded from the server. Can someone please tell me if n8n cloud lets you upload a file that can then be loaded by the execute command node?

Thank you


Hey @paul2000,

There is no option for that one although there could be other options depending on what you are doing, I think the biggest issue though will be that there is no Execute Command node on Cloud.

Would n8n Desktop be a possible option for your friend?

@jon Thanks for your reply. That is interesting. Is it because an execute command would leave the cloud too exposed to the user?

Perhaps I can forward that data from my VPS to something he is familiar with. Thanks again Jon!

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Hey @paul2000,

I am not too sure why that route was taken but I suspect security is the main reason behind it, But by having access to run commands on the OS itself you could also damage your instance.

Just downloaded n8n desktop for the first time and wow it’s fast. Got my workflow to work from there no problem, so yes I think I will introduce my friend to n8n that way. Thanks again!

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