N8n cloud pricing question: one Workflow, multiple auths/connections

If I have a single n8n Workflow that connects to Zoho CRM, but it needs to connect to 200 different Zoho accounts/logins simultaneously (each with their own OAuth login) –

  • is this possible in n8n?
  • how would this be accounted (pricing) in n8n.io?

These would all be relatively low-volume workflows, receiving new record creations/updates from each Zoho acct and passing them all to the same single external API.

Hey @Matt_Blais,

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An execution would be one run of a workflow, this could be a webhook, schedule or another trigger node.

Do you know how the workflow would be triggered that would help work out how many executions you are likely to need.

Thanks. For this to make sense I would probably need “one run of a workflow” to send a ZohoCRM API request and process the response for every account (of about 200).

However, the bigger question is the one you didn’t answer - namely, is there even a way for a single n8n Workflow to interact with 200+ different ZohoCRM accounts, each with their own separate OAuth2 tokens?

Hey @Matt_Blais,

Ah yeah I missed that part, so the answer is yes you can have a single workflow interact with 200+ different ZohoCRM accounts how you do that would depend on how your credential is set up. For something like this I assume you are providing a service to multiple users and they would have access to n8n to link their accounts so it would be a case of having many nodes to handle it as we don’t support expressions when selecting expressions in nodes so it would be one node for each account.

The other option would involve building out your own oauth implementation using http request nodes and storing the refresh tokens in your own database so they can be used.

Thanks for all the great info @Jon.

The goal here is to regularly pull data from multiple, separate ZohoCRM accounts so it can all be aggregated for reporting elsewhere. All these accounts are created and managed by us, but to Zoho they are all just “normal” accounts.

For my purposes I would use the second approach you described (custom-manage the accounts and their tokens.

Can an OAuth2 grant be completed with just a web service, i.e. no human/browser involved? :thinking: Assuming that I have the usernames and passwords, which I do.

Hey @Matt_Blais,

There are 2 types of OAuth but I don’t think Hubspot supports the client option so it would need human interaction which is typically there to protect users.

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