N8n.cloud: workflow timeout after 2 minutes: how to debug and retrigger?


I’ve had a workflow running that communicates with several external APIs (14 calls to 2 different APIs). It usually takes 7 seconds to complete.
We had it fail though and the workflow timed out after 2 minutes. Does n8n.cloud have an automatic timeout?

For this specific workflow, I like to be retrigger the workflow with the same data in case an error happens as it will just patch the existing data. How can I make this happen?


Hey @chris,

You can set up the time out for individual workflows from the Workflow (menu) → Settings.

I would also suggest you set Save Execution Progress and Save Data Error Execution to Yes. This will save the data of the failed executions. You can then retrigger the workflow with the same data via going to the Execution List.

Did you set up an error workflow? You can create an error workflow using the Error Trigger node. This workflow can be reused for other workflows as well.

Let me know if you need more details :slight_smile:

Hi Harshil,
I think there is a maximum of 3 minutes for a workflow to time out.

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 09.37.40

I’m logging errors but how can the error and have created an error workflow.
How can I rerun the workflow with the same data in case an error occurs?


If you open the Executions list, there is an option to re-run the workflow. Select the Run with original workflow option from the dropdown list. This will execute the workflow with the same data.

You should also enable the Retry on Fail option for the node that gives an error. The node will try to execute again if it failed earlier.

Thanks Harshil,

here is my workflow configuration.

Is it possible to set these as default for all workflows?

I also found the node settings to retry on fail.
Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 11.29.37
In this workflow there was no error on node level as the workflow timed out (7 seconds normally, timout after 2 minutes, increased now to 3 minutes).
I like to have the whole workflow run again with the original data on timeout error. Or can this only be done via the Executions list here in the UI?

Hey Chris,

You can rerun the whole workflow via the UI. I also checked and we have limits on timeout based on your n8n.cloud subscription plan. That is the reason why you can’t set the timeout to more than 3 minutes.

Hi Harshil,
so if a workflow has an error through a time out, there is no way to rerun it without a human logging into the UI?

Maybe there are some creative workarounds?
Will the Error node be triggered also by a timeout error and is there a way to replicate the human clicking on the re-run button in the UI e.g. with a bash script?