N8n command not found in docker image

i use the newest docker image.
I sh to the docker with
docker exec -it n8n sh
then i try to backup the workflows
/data # n8n export:workflow --all --output=/home/node/.processe
but i get
sh: n8n: not found
I also tried

/data # find / -name n8n
/data # /data/packages/cli/bin/n8n export:workflow --all --output=n8n export:workflow --all --output=/home/node/.processe

⺠Error: Unexpected argument: export:workflow
⺠See more help with --help

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? thanks rob

I don’t have the answer to your question but maybe a different way to handle it if you are just after backups.

I have been using this workflow: https://n8n.io/workflows/817 which uses an internal api to pull the workflows and commits them to git if changed or new.

I am sure someone will be here shortly to look at the command bit though.

Hey @ico,

I just tested this locally, and it is working fine as expected. Can you please share how are you starting n8n? For my test, I am using the docker run command.