N8n Development Resources

Having now created about a half dozen workflows specific to my needs, it’s made me realize that there is a tonne more I could be doing. We use a PSA/RMM called Syncro that has a pretty fantastic API. It also has a number of shortcomings that could be worked around via n8n, especially with regards to the handling of alerts. But the bottom line is that I’m not a programmer, I know just barely enough to get by. And my time is often too valuable and required in other areas of the business. And as great as the community is here, I don’t want to abuse it as these are workflows that will streamline my business and save me $$$ in the long run. So I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations on finding a developer who is reasonably versed in n8n who could be available for 15-30-60 minute jobs to assist in writing some workflows for my future ideas. I’ve used Upwork in the past for other projects, but searching for n8n isn’t as fruitful as searching for Javascript and I’m not interested in paying someone to learn how to use n8n. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, for the record, absolutely loving n8n and its potential.

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