N8n docker image postgres restarting multiple time

Hi All, my n8n instance deployed on Docker crashed after filling the disk of the ubuntu host hosting it. As a result of this problem Postgres keeps restarting, how can I fix it?

  • **Database: Postgres
  • **Running n8n via Docker
  • **Operating system: Ubuntu

Can you please help me on the troubleshootin? I would restore the n8n functionality. Thank you

Hi @smarmellato - welcome to the community :tada:

You’ll likely need to make some space on that Ubuntu host - can you run docker system prune ? You can find some more information on the command here, but it’ll help you get rid of some old, unwanted data.

A next step would be to configure data pruning to happen on an automatic schedule, so you can avoid having your database grow endlessly. You can find more information on that here.

I’m making some assumptions here that the disk space is the problem as you haven’t shared your exact error message you’re receiving, etc. but that should help fix this up for you if disk space is causing this.

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Thank you for your reply, I executed the command “docker system prune” but it seems there is no space to recover:

Meantime I increased the Ubuntu disk size but it seems that Docker always uses the old space before the extension.

Could you help me to restore n8n? I need to recover the workflows. Thanks

Hi @smarmellato - It looks like your root directly (the directory that is indicated only by a /) is 97% full, which is not enough for many other applications.

We don’t know how big your database is, nor do we have exact errors here - but you will likely need to get in touch with your Ubuntu host to appropriately increase the disk space and help you clean up some of these files, and also ensure that you can get a backup if possible.

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