N8n (docker) on cyberpanel with postgres


I successfully followed @Everton_Augusto (thanks!) tutorial here Install N8n on Docker in cyberpanel to install n8n on a VPS with cyberpanel.
It works with the native mariaDB

My question is : how can we switch to postgres (since mariaDB is being deprecated)?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi @cie172 :wave:

I don’t believe we have a migration guide just yet, but in this case I’d suggest using the CLI . Run a full export of both workflows and credentials on your existing MariaDB instance, then import these on your new Postgres instance.

The downside here is that the CLI does not yet account for permissions, so after the migration is done you (as the instance owner) will have to share your workflows/credentials as needed with the relevant users again, if applicable to your use-case.

But my first issue is how to set up Postgres on cyberpanel to be used by n8n correctly

Hi @cie172 :wave: I’m not familiar at all with Cyberpanel, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to give you any specific guides. A member of the community may be able to help here if someone else is familiar and sees this thread. It may also be worth reaching out to Cyberpanel, too.

Is there any particular reason why you’re wanting to host specifically on this service? We have specific setup guides for a number of services, but unfortunately Cyberpanel is not one of them :see_no_evil: You could also consider n8n cloud, if you’d like to not have to handle this yourself :bowing_man:

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