N8n enterprise cloud runner cost

Hi Team,

We are thinking of switching from freeware to enterprise edition in n8n.
Please confirm if the $120 mentioned in the enterprise edition is only for multiple user and shared workflow only or for cloud runner as well? we are currently hosting n8n in azure aks and we are thinking to migrate to n8n cloud runner.
Is this self hosted feature already there to use? and also please provide the cost details of self hosted runner per minute/per day and is it based on active workflow vs based on execution minutes?

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Shalini S

Hey @Shalini,

I am not sure what "cloud runner’ is but we have multiple options for n8n cloud (our managed service) we have our Start, Pro and Power plans and for Self Hosted we have Team and Enterprise which would be managed by you.

Can you confirm which option you are interested in? Assuming you are after the Self Hosted Enterprise option you would need to complete this form: Enterprise Enquiry for pricing information as it will depend on the amount of active workflows you plan to have.

We are looking for a way to migrate n8n from aks to self hosted runner in n8n, so we are looking for the exact pricing structure of enterprise version.

Hi @Shalini,

Perfect, So in that case as you are after the self hosted Enterprise pricing you will need to complete the form I linked above.

Thanks I updated the above link with expected details.

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