N8n Fails after 0.165.0

If I attempt to update n8n beyond 0.165.0 it will fail to load. Version 0.165.0 works without issue.

I am using n8n within Docker (Docker 20.10.14, Docker-compose 1.29.2) on Ubuntu (20.04.4).

Any thoughts on why I can’t update to the latest version or things to check?

Welcome to the community @Geoff !

There is sadly a know issue with the database migration. We are on it. Please for now update to one minor version after another and do not do any jumps.

Thank you @jan for the quick response!
Is there a list of all minor versions? I successfully updated to 0.165.1 (which isn’t shown on the Change Log), 0.165.2 doesn’t seem to exist and 0.166.0 fails.

Hey @Geoff,

If you check the docker logs on the latest release what error are you seeing?