N8N Form Trigger - in Date choose only "free" days

The idea is:

Good afternoon. I have a question or suggestion regarding the Node n8n form trigger. Is it possible to somehow substitute the option of selecting from “your” database with the field type “Date”, i.e., selecting only free or only busy days?

My use case:

Make an appointment based on the days already occupied

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

I recommend you check out https://cal.com

They are a free and open source scheduling software similar to calendarly (but much better)

There is a built in node in n8n that has triggers. (named cal)

That will give a bit better of a booking experience with the functionality you’re looking for

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Thanks, Liam, but there is no actual event addition. In addition, any service is another service. If all you need to fill out the form from n8 is to refer to a certain database for selecting dates - why not do it directly in n8n, without referring to another one, be it Cal, Monday, Google, etc.

(Opinion alert!)
It may be yet another service, but I hear people say that about n8n when I try to talk them into it and we all know it’s well worth it.

Simply put cal.com it’s the right tool for the job, the n8n form isn’t built for that and is pretty simple form implementation. Sometimes it’s better to add another service then to try to make something that it is not. (although that isn’t always the case, n8n can usually where a lot of hats)

The Cal node doesn’t have actions but it does have triggers, so whenever something is scheduled, deleted, rescheduled, etc it can start a workflow, which is the exact same thing as the form node. There are no actions available on the n8n form node.

If you want an example you can see my incomplete Cal implementation here (liammc.gg/lets-chat)