N8n Form Trigger - Upload Files Type Field

For the n8n Form Trigger, add a Field Type of File or Files that you can define what file extension should be allowed.

That way a user can upload an .xls or .csv, .txt file and then manipulate them with the defined workflows.

That’s exactly what I look for. Hope for this update.

Also, I hope we can upload jpg or png image via n8n form trigger.

Eagerly waiting for this!!


We need this improvement !!!

I have many use case where i want to invite user to upload a file !


I’ve been in search of a simple solution for the past few months, but all the methods I’ve attempted either didn’t support file passing directly or became too cumbersome for basic tasks. Could we please consider addressing this issue?

I’m waiting for this implementation.

But for the time being, perhaps can use Google Forms to send webhook triggers instead. Check it out here: https://medium.com/@eyalgershon/sending-a-webhook-for-each-google-forms-submission-a0e73f72b397

Need some modification to the webhook URL in Google app script so that it send data to your n8n webhook.

Looking for it as well

I just discovered this node and frantically searched for an upload field because how essential it is to sometimes pass primary binary data.

I would also like this feature to be backed in n8n Form Trigger Node.