N8n hosting aws + Telegram

Tried to deploy n8n hosting on AWS t2.micro instance. Installed according to the server setup guide Server Setup | Docs except subdomain, instead of a domain, I used ip, by pre-editing docker-compose file docker-compose.yml and env. Then I created Telegram Trigger and when trying ‘execute note’ about a minute ‘Waiting for Webhook-Call’ and nothing happens. Please help solve the issue. Where do I neef to look log files?

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The problem could be exactly what you are describing. Many services require a domain and SSL. Just IP will cause many problems if working with third party webhooks.

Hey @Sasha_Nikolaev!

I would have to agree with @jan. There seems to be a lot of issues appearing on the community forum that are either directly or indirectly related to SSL certificate issues.

I would suggest seeing if installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your AWS instance would resolve your issue. You can find a tutorial for this here.

Thanks a lot @Tephlon!

There is also a tutorial her how to set up n8n together with Lets Encrypt:

Should only take like 10 minutes if you already have some kind of domain of which you can use the subdomain off.

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I’ll add this into the Let’s Encrypt Installation Tutorials document.

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Thanks for the help!!! :slight_smile: