N8n in Enterprise environment


Some years before, I had used BPM tools like Oracle SOA Suite, Pega BPM and TIBCO tools.
The n8n seems to be a modern adaptation of the workflow tools and I like it. especially the way you can have nodes of popular webservices available out of the box.

It would be helpful to know if n8n can be used in an enterprise environment where we integrate with REST, SOAP API’s and databases.

Can n8n call a Database, SOAP Services and returns data from it?

The main areas that I wanted to check is:

  1. Moving the workflows between environments
  2. A dashboard to see what workflows have performed better/worse over a period of time.
  3. SLA reporting
  4. Support options for private deployments
  5. PaaS deployment models from Azure, Google Cloud and AWS (by using serverless for scaling out??)

Would like to know the views of the members about the above things.

Welcome to the community @Sivaraman_V!

Very sorry for the late answer. This topic must have slipped through.

Yes, that is theoretically possible. We have however sadly no special node for SOAP yet. Additionally, do I also have honestly no experience with SOAP at all or knowledge of how it works. But is it not HTTP calls that return XML (probably I am totally wrong)? In this case it would also be possible already but probably less convenient than it could be.