N8n integration with Flogo

Has there been any work in integrating n8n with Flogo? I would love to run nodes on serverless architecture.

Hey @roshkins,

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Can you please elaborate on the kind of integration you’re talking about? I am new to Flogo and would be helpful to get more context :slight_smile:

Hi Harshil! Thank you for welcoming me to this community. So far I’ve been enjoying n8n!

It would be amazing if I could export the action graph from n8n (which currently runs on a server) and could run it using Flogo (which purely runs using serverless architecture). I was wondering if this might be a feature for the backlog.

  • Rashi

Hey Rashi,

I am happy that you’re enjoying n8n!

We don’t have this on our roadmap at the movement. I’ll turn this topic into a Feature Request. If enough community members are interested in it we might add it to our roadmap.

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