N8N_JWKS_URI Documentation


We are using the N8N platform to provide various integrations to our clients.
Now, we wish to grant our customers to our n8n platform through our account management platform and we wanted to do it via a JWT authentication option.

Previously we saw this documentation in your website in the environment-variables and security section called:

Yet I don’t see it now, has it been removed? Replaced? Do you support it this method?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Nikita,

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JWKS was removed in v1 in favour of the user management system which has the ability to work with SAML and LDAP providers.

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Hey, @Jon

But JWKS is supported in previous versions?

Hye @rpa,

It was a feature in previous versions and older versions of the docs can be found in the git history. Our docs around that option only included the keys it didn’t include how to actually use it though.

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