N8n: kubernetes support with https

Support of n8n with kubernetes and https

I’ve tried to convert the docker-compose file, as per the documentation.
The conversion to Kubernetes yaml was all successful and applied it successfully. All the services, deployment running successfully with NO errors. Managed to have domain/subdomain & DNS settings in home-lab as follows: https://n8n.mydev.test:5678/

But the Traefik combo with n8n is causing issues when it comes to https settings.

  • It is too complex to use traefik, (i.e its kubernetes CRDs) and make it work with n8n
  • curl -k http://n8n.mydev.test:5678 -u user:xxxxxx (non-https) works but the https doesn’t as I believe Traefik requires Ingress setup which I’m not sure how to do with Traefik

What web-server does n8n use inherently? Is there any chance to implement a “https” setup directly within n8n (on another port) without the help of Traefik?

I’ve put the core k8s file in case if someone can take it up

If you have a valid SSL certificate, you can provide the paths to the files directly to n8n with the environment variables: N8N_SSL_KEY and N8N_SSL_CERT.
You have to obviously make sure that n8n can access those files (meaning the folder they can be found in have to be mounted).

ah.ok. thanks for that. Will test accordingly now and let you know the result.

Great, good luck!