N8n login issue

I am unable to login to my cloud account.

The first window lets me in :

However, I get prompted with another login screen, that does not accept my credentials :slight_smile:

Further to this, when I try and log in from an existing session, it won’t accept my password to be changed :


Hey @Kasilan,

Can you email [email protected] for this one and we can look into it there :slight_smile:

I have the same issue but no active session and not able to login to my instance. I’ve send you an email in parallel.

The issue happened again and I’ve responded to the last support mail.

Do you have a official explanation, why this issue reappeared and whats the plan to get rid of it?

Hey @tniebergall,

We noticed that in a couple of versions of n8n users were able to set an email address in the n8n instance which if there is no user management enabled shouldn’t be possible. This was impacting 0.215, 0.214 and 0.216, To fix this we released 0.216.3, 0.215.4 and 0.214.5. We have the ability to manually resolve this but upgrading the n8n cloud instance to a recent release will also solve this.

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