N8n Meetup

Hello, my name is Tyrone. I am new to n8n. I no nothing about coding. But I would like to start a meeting place of people who will learn and share knowledge of n8n together. The Group is open to beginnings to the advance senior experience. Help and participation from all that are interested is encouraged. My thought is, that for now, it would be an online experience. I live in the San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, California, Bay Area.
Let me know your interest, and if you have experience in running or setting up this kind of adventure.
It would be nice to have someone who knows how to use this community board.

  • Tyrone -

Welcome to the community @tyrone!

That sounds like a great idea! If there is interest from the community in anything like that would we be obviously more than happy to help or set something up.

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Thank you Jan, I am excited about the idea. And help would be appreciated.

Hey @tyrone, thanks for bringing this up. I’ve created a thread for that here: Let’s catch-up in an n8n meet-up! 🤝 :slight_smile: