N8n not responding to webhooks from zendesk

I’m using a webhook from Zendesk to trigger my flow.

My flow works if I set the flow to active and then click the “Execute Workflow” button. I can create a new ticket that then immediately sends a webhook to n8n and the flow works perfectly.

However, after that, no other new webhook events are processed even though I’m triggering them by creating new tickets in Zendesk exactly how I did it when I clicked the “Execute Workflow” button. What this tells me is that n8n isn’t actually “hearing” the webhook from Zendesk when the flow is in active status. I’ve tried toggling the active status off and on and saving and re-saving and nothing works.

In summary, the flow only seems to actually trigger if the “Execute Workflow” is clicked first, which obviously isn’t a practical way for this to work.

I’m using the cloud version of n8n.

Any insight would help. Thanks!

Hi @jonmrich

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You are using the webhook node?

in the top there is a switch to see the production URL

This URL will be activated when setting the workflow to be active.
Same for the zendesk trigger node btw.


Yes…I did this. I clicked on “Production URL” and saved. Same issue. New tickets that I know are generating a webhook are not triggering my workflow to start.

Same thing…if I click “Execute Workflow” the flow seems to then be waiting for a webhook and if I create a ticket in Zendesk (which triggers the the webhook to be sent), then everything works fine. After that, no other webhooks are responded to.

And the workflow is set to active.

Are you also using the correct method? (POST vs. GET)

I am using POST, which works fine in my tests. GET does not.

I did find this in Zendesk looking at that specific webhook. For the ones where I’m saying it’s not working:

    "code": 404,
    "message": "The requested webhook \"POST XXXXX\" is not registered.",
    "hint": "Click the 'Execute workflow' button on the canvas, then try again. (In test mode, the webhook only works for one call after you click this button)"

Note: I hid the full value of the POST endpoint with XXXX. This is showing my production webhook endpoint from n8n.

I’ve done exactly what this hint is saying multiple times though. The first webhook after I click “Execute Workflow” works and the rest after that send this same response error.

Yes so the wrong URL is registered with Zendesk. If it is working when you click the button manually. It has the test url registered in Zendesk.
You can normally see this by seeing “test” in the url of the webhook.


Ah! I had the URL with webhook-test instead of webhook in Zendesk. That was the issue! Had to look at it a 100 times to notice that nuance. Thanks!!!