N8n on AWS (docker) - connection lost

just installed n8n on AWS (Ubuntu 20.04 - docker), following the tutorial on the site, and can access the n8n GUI, but ‘Connection lost’ appears instead of ‘Active’. I’ve seen other topics with the same issue, but haven’t found any possible solution. A colleague of mine did a similar install (AWS - docker), and doesn’t have any issues…
Thanks for your help!

Just to clarify, the only differences between his install and mine are the domain and the fact that he didn’t create the folder /root/n8n during install and I did…

Welcome to the community @christophe!

Sorry to hear that you have problems. But sadly am I unable to add anything else to all the other topics that exist already in the forum. If it is as you describe than it has to work. But I guess there is something else different that blocks the EventSource connection or at least messes it up somehow. Maybe some kind of proxy/service that is configured differently, or a firewall (local or on servier), … but if they are identical they have to also work also identically.