N8N on openshift - chown

I would like to run N8N on an openshift cluster.
Pull n8nio/n8n: latest from dockerhub and push it to my registry.

The start of N8N fails with the error message
chown: /home/node: Operation not permitted
su-exec: setgroups: Operation not permitted*

I think the message is related to these lines
if [ -d /root/.n8n ] ; then

  • chmod o+rx /root*
  • chown -R node /root/.n8n*
  • ln -s /root/.n8n /home/node/*
    chown -R node /home/node

I want to use a MySQL database for storing the workflows.
I do not want to use a file system for storing.

Is there a way to bring N8N running on openshift.

Hey @br110057,

I have not used OpenShft before but for your last part about using MySQL the workflows are always kept in the database there just happens to be a couple of other files that need to be stored on the OS.

As for the error I am not sure why you would be getting that, It looks like the error would be starting from line 9 in the docker-entrypoint.sh file though.

Have you made any changes to the image or are you using it as it comes from Dockerhub? Have you tried using an older version as well to see if that helps or maybe making your own image using the files from here: n8n/docker/images/n8n at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

This currently open PR is probably also interesting for you:

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