N8n optimisations 2023/2024

Good morning,

I’m looking for the latest advice to optimise n8n. currently using the local docker-hosted AI BETA, using Postgres db.

I have lots of stuff running via n8n, in terms of web scraping, webhooks multiple flows that sometimes run at the same time.

What are the best settings to use or have a single n8n and farm jobs out to other n8n instances on demand etc. just trying to understand what options are available?

There are posts in the forum, but are back from 2020 and lots of change has happened since then.

The one big thing that has changed is that the EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting has been deprecated with n8n v1:

So for optimizing performance when running a lot of demanding (with regards to CPU usage) workflows in parallel you might want to look at using queue mode instead:


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