N8n / piwaa

Hello, I am Gilles. We try to connect N8N with PIWAA to transfer every contacts in our CRM.

We have tested our environnement N2N with postman and we receive the hook.

But it’s impossible for us to receive the PIWAA hook.
Anyone could help us to configure n8N ?

Thank you so much.

Hey @Gilles_Verbecq!

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

From your message I can understand that PIWAA has an API that can be used. Did you try using it with the HTTP Request node? Based on the Authentication method the API uses, you can setup authentication in the HTTP Request node.

The below-mentioned blog post might help.

HTTP Request Node — The Swiss Army Knife

Also, can you share more details, like the kind of errors you’re getting (if any) or the exact problem?


Hi @Gilles_Verbecq ,

Do you also use ProspectIn with n8n ?

If I remember they are using the same kind of webhook with Piwaa & ProspectIn. The main issue with their solution is that you can only wait 12 or 24h to receive and test their webhooks (this is why I leave them).

If you want to debug and test your workflow, why don’t you use a google sheet to get the results (and check them) before sending them to your CRM ?

I have the habits to do it to be sure that my data are clean and ready to be load.

Don’t hesitate to tell us if you succeed in doing it :grinning:


HI @Gilles_Verbecq,

I’ve just done it.

Use the webhook node as a post.

Take the link of the webhook, create a hook on Piwaa, once it is created, if you don’t see the hook registered reload your page. After that send in the hook menu you will see the name of the hook you’ve just created, click on it and it will tell you if you received it correctly.

Try it with webhook test link so you will see the results directly in n8n