N8n self host, user authentication on our actice directory or api

guys, I work in a small company and I uploaded the n8n as a self host. I would like to know if we can change the authentication to search in our active directory or api? or if it is illegal. What if we want to change the colors? We are not going to sell it, it will only be for internal use and integration with our crm and billing platforms.

Hey @Marcelo_Stevacci,

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Technically for white labelling (branding) it would need an embed license but as you also want to use AD it might be worth getting in touch with our sales / licensing team as you can do authentication with AD using either LDAP or if you are using ADFS you should be able to use SAML which are both features included in our enterprise license (which can be used if you self host).

You can find the feature list for Enterprise here: n8n pricing

Tnks Jon, but in case of i fork the code and create my own module for authentication, and not change colors or logo, and for our own use, would we need a license too?

We cannot invest in anything in this moment in the company. So I thought if it would be possible to just create our authentication module or user management different from the one we have, without breaking the license, without changing colors ou logo.

Hey @Marcelo_Stevacci,

You can fork the code but unless you have a license our license restricts any modifications to the *.ee.* files which could make what you want to do a bit tricky. I would maybe also suggest that working around what we have in place to use enterprise features may also be against the license but to get a proper answer on that you may need to ask your legal team.

If you can do what you need to without bypassing anything we have in place or by using anything in the .ee. files you should be all good as long as your usage falls under what the license currently has in place.

Thanks again Jon, How can I contact legal team?

Hey @Marcelo_Stevacci,

It would be your legal team you would need to contact to check the license and make sure they are happy with your usage :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon, we’ll use the other project activepiece. They have a better license.


Hey @Marcelo_Stevacci,

No worries :slight_smile: Looking at their license they also have something similar with the EE parts of their code as well but generally they are under an MIT license so can be used for some other bits. Nice find.

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