N8n ssh fingerprint

Hello, I connected n8n using private keys to the server. Example (-v ~ / .ssh: /home/node/.ssh). New versions of n8n will not connect at all, such a command is issued (ssh -p 221 -i /home/node/.ssh/telegram telegram @ {{$ node [“servers connect”]. Json [“mikrotik”]}} '[{ {$ node [“Function3”]. json [“myVariable”]}} {{$ node [“Function1”]. json [“myVariable”]}}] '), he writes an error in the logs. Do I need to save the fingerprint? but there is a fingerprint in the docker’s internal files, and if I get inside the container through exec, then all the ssh commands work for me, how can this be. Docker version 0.129.0-debian.It turns out that the problem is that it is executing commands from the node user, and he does not have enough rights to read the prints and even write something. How can I fix this?